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Odd news stories from Danmark

Electric ferries taking to the waters - 29 June 2017

The weekly INGENIØREN reports that plans are afoot for several ferry connections to be serviced by battery driven vessels.
The ferry vessel Tycho Brahe, will be soon be in regular service between Helsingør and Helsingborg, on-board will be 89 ton batteries supplying energy to motors which will propel the ferry.
Later this year a new ferry servicing Ærø from Fynshav will also be powered by electricity.

Skamlingsbakken will not get new centre - 29 June 2017

Fredningsstyrelsen has refused permission to build a new "Experience centre" near the historical area which has mostly un-developed nature in the hills south east of Kolding.
State and local city Kolding were both willing to finance the new centre which would improve facilities for visitors and plans were already drawn up. Good chance that the story will not end here.

Horsens fjord attracts Ausi - 30 June 2017

Danish and Australian archaeologist are searching for stone age life at the bottom of Horsens fjord. The Danes have more experience "digging" under water and the Australians are there to learn from the experts.
It is Flinders University who has chosen to go to the waters near Hjarnø near Horsens to look for signs of life from the stone age.