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We have some goodies for members here!

We are inviting you all to celebrate this unique time of the year with some Danish traditions, dancing around the Christmas tree, live music and some Christmas goodies to eat and drink. It's a great time to be together with friends and families as well as celebrating across generations.

Yay, and it looks like the COVID regulations should by then allow us to plan for an event without the 80 person capacity limit so get ready for a big event! Many of us have been looking forward to this day for a long time but we will be keeping a close eye on thedevelopments up to the event and fingers crossed that it stays like this...

We hope to simply make RSVP invitations and/or a simple payment and then Christmas food and beverages can be purchased on the day, which will be prepared based on registrations.

We are looking for volunteers to help at this event, details for bookings is in the December Newsletter.

More information to come via email but you are also welcome to email or call the club for more information and for booking ticket(s).

Want to volunteer for the event?

Get in touch now and spend an amazing day with all of us celebrating in Danish Christmas style
email: contact@DanishClubBrisbane.org / or ring mob: 0437 612 913 Vær med til en Dansk Julegudstjeneste lørdag d. 18. december kl. 10 ved St Marks Kirken Upper Mt Gravatt med lucia optog, julesalmer and julehygge efter julegudstjenesten - Pia, Asbjørn og Tom
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