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For many years we have been trying to get the story of Heimdal written into history. Eilan Nielsen edited and typed out "The First 100 Years by P.B.Hansen" I finally volunteered to do "The Next 40 Years"

Research has been made difficult due to the loss of our treasured Minutes books, dating since 1960.

Pia Blak has done a lot of research at the John Oxley Library where all Heimdal's monthly magazines since 1984 are stored. I would like to thank the members who submitted details of the history.

Omissions,deletions,corrections or criticism will not be accepted

Preben Kirkemann Nielsen

Research & Writer : Preben Kirkemann Nielsen

Research & Editor : Eilan Nielsen

Research : Pia Blak

Early Research & Writer : Birte Spencer

The last 4 Years by : Søren Høimark

August 2012


That was a fantastic job by P.B.Hansen. It must have taken a lot of time researching and putting the 100 year history together. I will continue from where P.B.Hansen stopped, and endeavour to maintain his style and humour.

Jørgen Maymann was President for another 2 years until 1974.

The 100 year Jubilee Ball held in September 1972. was a huge success. The subcommittee had done a very good job in planning this event and all went as planned. Politicians from both State and Federal government plus other dignitaries attended. Numerous speeches and toasts were enjoyed by all. A delightful dinner was served with the only complaint being "no red cabbage".

All the guests went home very happy.

In June 1973 there was a fire in the clubhouse, and the back of the clubhouse was damaged both downstairs and upstairs. All the repairs to the clubhouse and the inventory of all that was destroyed, was covered by the insurance. It was a big job to repair all the damage.

The editor of Heimdal's newsletter wrote an article about the fire and we have received copies of the newspaper reports.

Several fires were reported in Cleveland St, Stones Corner. The fire brigade found fires in garbage containers at the back of the shopping mall, fires in the meter box at the house on the corner of Cleveland St & Jeavons Lane and under the Clubhouse in the store room. The fire caused a lot of damage to Heimdal's clubhouse and inventory.

While the police were investigating the cause of the fire, 3 young men tried to steal the CIB's car. A man was soon arrested and he was also interviewed re the fires.

The Club had recently completed a redecoration of the clubhouse, but the damage was severe. Many items stored in the store room plus the books in the library were damaged and destroyed. Amongst the items were the old Danish flag from early 1880 and the Club's Standard (Fane). However Viggo Vejle found the remains of the Standard and was able to repair it. The Standard was donated to the club at the 100 year Jubilee. The Club members took turns in keeping watch on the clubhouse during the nights.

The store room would be enclosed with Besser blocks for extra security. Damage to the building was estimated at between $7.000 to $10.000 and inventory at $2.000.

In 1974, the House on the corner of Jeavons Lane and Cleveland street burned down. No one knew why but it looked a bit suspicious as though it was done on purpose. No guilty person was ever found out. Maybe someone had a grudge against the Club.

The Club's Vice President, P Hansen told the newspapers "it was definitely arson, but there was no connection between the fires. He denied that anyone could have a grudge against the Club. "We are simply a social organisation, we are non - political and non-religious". P.Hansen also estimated the damage to be more than $ 11.000 and that the insurance Company said it was not worth repairing. Fortunately the house was empty and not tenanted at the time.

There were several meetings re repairs etc. Henry Lerkenfeldt especially wanted to repair and rent the house out again. The house was badly damaged and it was decided to pull the house down. No house was ever built here again with the insurance money going into the Club's funds.

Fire at the Stones Cornor Club, 1974
Fire AT THE CLUB 1974

In the start of 1974 , we had the big flood of Brisbane and many members suffered as their houses were damaged by flood water. Many members, especially tradesmen, helped out where they could. Ebba & Viggo Vejle's house was badly

damaged. I have seen photos where The Club members helped

out with the repairs, including Ivan Hansen ( Plaza Tiles) laying tiles.

Heimdal was represented at the Council's Warana Festival. They built a large float of a Viking ship with many "Vikings" walking alongside and also children dressed up in national costumes and as "Tivoli Guards". It was revealed later that it was a funny sight to see all the Vikings ducking into hotels during the procession through the city. The reason being the Vikings, in true Viking style, had started drinking beer before the procession started and needed a toilet in a hurry. It was not to get another beer!.

In 1974 Jørgen Maymann retired as President. I had a discussion years later and asked why Jørgen stood down as he did such a fantastic job as President. I was advised it was because of too much bickering and criticism from some members.

Jørgen continued to support the club with raffle prizes, which was a great way to help the club's funds. Member Riborg Andersen can recollect selling many raffle tickets, while calling out : " seks for a dollar"! Raffles were a popular fund raiser for many years to come.

S.E Nielsen was elected President at the next AGM. He was President from 1974 - 1976.

The committee would have been very busy renovating the clubhouse , and removing the burnt out remains from the corner house.

In 1976 Viggo Vejle was elected President, but due to some disagreement with the committee, Viggo stood down in 1977 and Gert Engelsmann was elected President.

At the AGM in September 1977 Frank Nissen - Wiis was

elected President again, but stood down in 1978.

Viggo Vejle was appointed Honorary member.

1978 - 1979 saw Gert Engelsmann elected as President.

The committee elected:

President: Gert Engelsmann

Vice President: Poul Erik Christensen

Secretary: Jenny Nielsen

Asst. Secretary: Vini Nielsen

Treasurer: Boris Christensen

Asst. Treasurer: Jens E. Nielsen

Committee Member: John Phillipsen

Keld Pihl

Editor: Vini Nielsen

Asst. Editor : Ruth Christensen

Hall Hire : Aase Jørgensen

Very little was recorded for that year. The annual picnic was held and the annual dinner dance was held at Chardons Corner Hotel. I can also remember a great Christmas party.

Easter was celebrated with a get- together. Per Kærgaard, Chairman of the Youth Club, decided to cease this activity as it had very little response. I found a news letter from April 1979, and have attached a copy, I believe this is the oldest Heimdal Newsletter we still have.

The following details was researched and written by Birte Spencer. I have added some more details to the history.

In 1979 Helmuth Hansen was elected President. At the AGM in 1979 there was a suggestion to sell the corner block at Jeavons Lane , but it was decided to wait a little while longer.

In March 1980 the house next door was offered for sale for a price of $35.000. At the committee meeting it was moved:

"That an offer of $28.000 be submitted subject to the

arrangement of suitable Bank of NSW finance in respect to the property situated between the presently owned club properties"

At a special General Meeting held on 17 April 1980 President Helmuth Hansen advised, that the Club was given first option to purchase the adjoining property for $30.000. The Meeting was told that the Club's account held $ 6.103, and a loan of $27.000 would be payable with $365 per month for 10 years.

The possibility of members buying shares was discussed and before the meeting was ended a total of $3500 was pledged. Nothing more was mentioned in the minutes about these arrangements, but it seems that the property was finally bought in September 1980.

At the AGM in 1980 Helmuth Hansen was re-elected President

and a familiar name Ole Andersen appeared as assisting treasurer. In fact Ole Andersen featured continually in the committee's minutes as Treasurer until he resigned in 2004.

Ole Andersen was always there to do the accounts, advise on legal matters, organise things, help at functions, stalls, working bees etc. I believe his father was also very involved with the club and also his sisters Riborg & Anne. A very impressive contribution by the Andersen family to the Danish Club.

Sadly in 1980 Helmuth Hansen's wife passed away, but Helmuth continued as president until 1981.

The AGM in July 1981 saw a new President elected, the first female President, Bodil Kærgaard, Bodil had previously been the editor of Heimdal's Newsletter . Vice President Erik Madsen, Treasurer Ole Andersen, and as assistent treasurer another familiar name Preben Kirkemann Nielsen .

Unfortunately at the end of the first term some of the committee members resigned due to disagreement with Bodil.

One big event this year was the visit from "Ollerup Højskole's

Gymnastic team. They had several performances around Brisbane and all the gymnasts stayed with Heimdal's members

At the AGM in 1982, Preben Kirkemann Nielsen nominated as President against Bodil, but Bodil won with 3 votes.

Ole Andersen reported that the interest rates had gone up to 13.5% and the debt on the house next door had only been reduced to $ 24.304. It was rented out at $ 65 per week less management fees of 7.5%.

February 1983 begins with the first of many discussions on redevelopment of the 3 properties owned by the club. Architects put up submissions for a 3 storey building with carparks, shops, offices clubhouse, restaurant and function rooms, very ambitious!

At the AGM in 1983 Bodil Kærgaard stood down , mainly due to disagreement with the committee and lack of communication from Bodil . Gert Engelsmann was re-elected President, A member always ready to help out.

There is talk of a feasibility study costing $3200 and pleas for donations to a building fund. At a meeting in October, Ole produced a draft of a new building for the cost of $500.

In June 1983 an offer was made for the 3 properties,

( Birte writes the amount of $170.000) but I can remember it was $120.000. In spite of the club being in financial debt and paying too much in interest, the offer was rejected.

A month later the offer was increased to $135.000 , and at the extraordinary general Meeting , the discussion was a bit heated, with someone saying "you can't flog a dead horse". Apparently the memberships had dwindled and the functions suffered due to lack of support from members. Many members

wanted to sell, but the offer was again rejected by a majority.

I, PKN, had a good talk with Gert at the annual Picnic re Heimdal's future.

At The AGM in July 1984 Preben Kirkemann Nielsen was elected President, Jørgen De Voss: VicePresident.

Secretary : Doris Christensen, Asst. Secretary : Ellen Madsen

Treasurer : Ole Andersen, Asst. Treasurer: Alf Berg

Committee Members: Bent Østergaard & Bill Fenton

Henry Lerkenfeldt was appointed Honorary member for his significant contribution and support for many years.

I, PKN, will now continue the history , but use Birte's notes when necessary.

It was a hard task to continue the work to keep Heimdal going, The clubhouse needed repairs, so many working bees were held throughout the next few years.

To raise money for the club we had a hotdog stall at most outdoor fairs in Brisbane for the first couple of years.

We tried to have a lot of different functions, but it was very hard with apx 35 members only at the functions.

We came up with the idea of having a "Smørrebrøds " evening

The women in the committee prepared the food, and we anticipated apx 35 members would attend. But what a surprise, when more than 75 turned up. Ellen Madsen and her female helpers in the kitchen were flat out and nearly ran out of food, while we kept setting up more tables . It turned out to be a fantastic idea, and so that's how our famous "Smørrebrøds Fests" started.

For the next 10 years a lot of improvements etc. were done to The Club's premises. I will categorise the different events etc.

Fastelavn 1984 at the club in Stones Cornor
Fastelavn 1984 at Stones Corner

FUNCTIONS - especially The Smørrebrøds Fests.

These functions became very popular In the start we had

members playing music , or taped music, but it became evident that we needed professional live music. They became even more popular, so we made tickets and had to make table plans and bookings, as it was full house. We had 4 to 5 of these functions a year, all booked out . Members would book a full table of 10. We came up with the idea of having a "Fællessang" which was very popular , copies will be attached. There would always be "Forsangere" who got a free beer if they came up and helped sing along. As all these functions were so popular some of the members donated the music, - namely Poul Hansen, a generous supporter of the club.

We had to be very organised, so each committee member had a task for the evening. The committee also decided to only have one person per family on the committee. This way we, sneakily, doubled our work force. Each member would make a Danish dish for the functions, plus more. We used plastic plates so it was easy to clean up.

Fastelavn 1986 at the club in Stones Cornor Fastelavn 1986 at Stones Corner

We had several Danish functions a year, Fastelavn for the children and the "grown up" children, with the traditional Danish barrel of lollies, and prizes. Some photos will be attached. Also the yearly picnic was good fun. We would meet at a park somewhere around Brisbane, put up The Danish Flag, have games etc for all. These events attracted more members when they noticed our Danish flag.

We also had "Mortens Aften , Eel evenings and St Hans aften with a fire for the "Heks" and gløgg to keep us warm.

The Christmas functions were always very special. In the start we had a "pig on the spit". The hall was decorated for the children and all the adults would sit in the front garden. But as we grew bigger, 2 Pigs on the spit were needed, especially when we got the "Beer garden".

We also celebrated the club's jubilee every year in September.

At the Club's 114 years celebration in 1986 , we also

celebrated Aksel Steenberg's 90th birthday. Aksel came into the club with his son Henrik. It was great to meet Aksel and we had a long talk about the club. He was very happy with the club prospering and going forward. Unfortunately Aksel Steenberg passed away on 8th july 1987. We had one minute's silence at the AGM in memory of Aksel.

In 1987 we celebrated Heimdal's 115 years jubilee where we had a big birthday cake with 115 candles, and our two honorary members , Henry Lerkenfeldt and Viggo Vejle blew out all the candles. It was a big turn-out that night.

Fund Raising:

It was very important to raise funds for the club. We had numerous ways, we always had a raffle at each function with prizes donated. Jørgen Maymann was a big contributor, he would always donate something beautiful from his Scandinavian shops. At another Christmas function Poul Tvede made a big, fully furnished doll's house for the raffle prize. Alf Berg was an upholsterer, so he donated a nice old-style leather chair. Finnish wooden lampshades were donated by a Swedish member, plus much more.

We made Club T Shirts and had a big "Fashion Parade" to promote them, thanks to Poul & Brita Sørensen who screen printed and made the T shirts.

Some Renovations at the Club:

As the club's funds grew, planning of renovations began.

We urgently needed new toilets, and to expand upstairs.

We built new toilets downstairs, a big improvement.

Then the old ladies toilet upstairs was demolished to make way for a new "Viking Bar". This was designed so we could lock it up and it would not be obvious when we hired the hall

out. This also gave us more room in the kitchen, where more

shelves were installed , and a member donated a new fridge .

Later on we had enough money for a complete new kitchen.

At the AGM in 1985 Jørgen Maymann was appointed Honorary Member.

Henry Lerkenfeldt became trustee, and offered the club an interest-free loan of $20.000, to help us pay the bank mortgage out, plus an authorised mortgage made out to him on the club's land to secure this very generous loan offer.

There was a motion of thanks to Henry Lerkenfeldt for his offer of this loan.

Danish Language Classes at Heimdal.

In the mid to late 1980's, Heimdal member Gerd MacDonald offered to teach the Danish language at our club house at Stones Corner. She did this all voluntarily once a week for several years. The classes were hugely popular and enthusiastically attended. Unfortunately Gerd had to return to Denmark, but Heimdal really appreciates her efforts.

At The AGM in 1988 there was another future President joining the committee, namely Flemming Brinkmann.

In January1989 the committee was presented with two sets of plans from developers, The estimated cost of a building would be 1.2 - 1.5 million . Ole Andersen advised it would be in the club's best interest to develop the site itself by subcontracting the work, if space in the building could be pre-sold. In May there was an application for BBC consideration in principle re development and relocating of car park and building height.

In 1989 our Consul, Frank Nissen Wiis was honoured with the

Order, "Ridder af Dannebrog" for his services to the Danish community. Frank and his wife Jean, have always been very supportive of Heimdal and always attended the Club's functions, even to this day.

As most of our functions were popular and well attended , the club prospered financially. In January 1990 the loan to Henry Lerkenfeldt was fully paid off and the club could now start to bank more money. A fantastic effort from the committee, with only 2.5 years to pay this loan off.

As the membership grew, we made plans for a Beer Garden.

As we owned the house next door, where the back garden was a mess, we decided to halve this garden. We put up a new fence first, then had a big working bee. Benny Frandsen came in with his big backhoe, and levelled it all out, also the empty block of land was cleared. Gert Engelsmann came in with his truck to remove all the rubbish, we had many members helping us with this.

The empty block of land was made into parking space We got a real estate agent to let permanent parking spaces out to businesses at Stones Corner as we only used the parking at week ends. After all the clean up we put in tables and benches. Of course we needed funds for this big project, so we came up with the idea that members could donate a table & bench set and have a plate fixed to the table with their name and the Danish location of their heritage or choice. It was pointed out it was not the member's personal table.

The cost was set at $150.00 per setting. I started out donating the first one calling it "Copenhagen" soon followed by Ole Andersen "Egeskov Slot" and Poul Hansen "Fyn" and soon we had 16 settings, a great help. Steel legs were cemented into the ground, and later we had the whole garden cemented with a garden bed for trees etc. Then we built a large bar with a big BBQ. This was a great area for all our functions, and was

used regularly up until we sold the premises.

Quite often we had apx 150 - 200 members at a function.

Beer Garden Stones Cornor, 1996
Beer Garden Stones Cornor, 1996
Beer Garden Stones Cornor, 1996
Beer Garden Stones Cornor, 1996

Heimdal's Magazine

When I became president, my wife Eilan and Henrik Christiansen volunteered to do the monthly magazine. This was prior to the computer age, so our "cut & paste" was literally that. After a year, Hanne Jonsson replaced Henrik as sub editor.

The first page was always about advertising our monthly function, finding new material for this was a big task and required some imagination. Hanne did the Danish news.

The printing was done by a Brisbane technical college for a donation. The magazine was not only posted to all the members but to all Danish Clubs, Ambassador and Consuls in Australia, plus SAS and other big Danish businesses. Advertising was a big part, so it was important invoices were sent out every year. We also attended every cultural function we could, meeting up with the Consul Frank Nissen Wiis on many occasions and enjoying a glass of champagne.

As a result, Heimdal was quoted as being "the most progressive Club in Australia"

We started collecting the magazines and later on got a request from "John Oxley Library" to provide a copy every month. We also sent them a copy of previous magazines. To this date they have copies of all our magazines from apx 1984.

Steady management was great for the club and we were never short of volunteers for the committee. At one AGM we had so many keen volunteers we had to have a vote. But there was also a need to fill sub-committees, so everyone got a job. To get members to attend the AGM we came up with the idea of serving free "gule ærter". Frank Wiis came into one AGM , and his comment was: "I thought this was an AGM" The clubhouse was full.

Special Events

Apart from gymnastic high schools in Denmark coming out, we had two functions with 'Eddie Skoller".

Our club was not big enough for all the members who wanted to see Eddie, so we hired the "All Nations Club" at Dutton Park. We had apx 150 members that night, starting off with a local Danish singer and dinner. Then Eddie Skoller entertained us. The audience was just so enthusiastic and welcoming. It was a fantastic night. The Club has a DVD of the evening. The committee had a lot of background work, transporting Eddie everywhere and organising and setting up the amplifier etc.

Eddie came out again a few years later and we booked the "The Kookaburra Queen", a replica paddlesteamer, fitted out for functions with bars etc, which sailed up and down the Brisbane river. Eddie Skoller's second visit was not so wonderful, mainly because he repeated the same old jokes from the first visit. But a good time was still had by all.

The Warana Festival: At various times we had a float in the Warana parade, a huge Brisbane Spring celebration. This time Keld & Ellen Madsen lent the club a big commercial shed, where we built the float. A lot of volunteers worked on the float. We constructed a large tree stump, where Hans Christian Andersen (alias Kurt Christensen) sat telling the children stories. Ib & Linda Mortensen's young blonde girls and our two boys, Carsten & Torben , all dressed in Danish national costume sat at H.C. Andersen's feet listening to the stories. Plus we had Danish Vikings walked along beside the float with out Standard (Fanen) out the front. We do have some photos attached.

Warana Parade 1986
Warana Parade 1986
Warana Parade 1986 , Kurt Christensen as HC Andersen
Warana Parade 1986, Kurt Christensen as HC Andersen

The childrens' national costumes came in handy for various events, for example when the EU announced it would be part of the Expo '88 in Brisbane, and also at numerous B.C.Council

Christmas concerts in the park every year.

The Warana committee was:

Organiser : Alf Berg . Treasurer: Niels Jacob Formann

Float Designer & Builder: David Turner

Float Organiser & Builder : Poul Sørensen

Musical Director : Bill Fenton , T-Shirt Design : Brita Sørensen

Later on we had the participants:

Fanebærer: Ejvind Enevoldsen

Banner Bærer: Ken & Ricky Madsen

Afløserer: Preben Nielsen & Stefan Aalykke

Tivoli Gardister: Trent Turner, David Berg, Wayne Comerford, Jacob Foremann

Hans Christian Andersen: Kurt Christensen

2 Piger i National dragter: Anne & Nina Mortensen

2 Drenge I National dragter: Carsten & Torben Nielsen

2 Lego Piger: Cathy & Debbie Berg

2 Lego Drenge: Michael & Joachim Enevoldsen

Marshals: Alf Berg, David Johansen, Jørgen Andersen

A Thank You Letter by Poul & Brita Sørensen to all participants was printed in the magazine

Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II visits Brisbane 1987.

" Written by Eilan Nielsen"

There was a certain buzz of excitement amongst the Danish community in Brisbane. For the first time in history, a Danish Monarch was to visit Australia. Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe 11, and his Royal Highness The Prince Consort, Prince Henrik, would be flying into Brisbane airport on Friday 6 th February 1987.

Young Prince Joachim, then 17 years old, was spending some of his gap year at a property in Dalby, and his Mum was coming for a visit.

The Danish Consul, Frank Nissen Wiis, who was in charge of the whole Royal visit, asked me to answer all calls re the guest list. Well, all these Danes suddenly appeared from nowhere, all over Brisbane and surrounds. They were not too happy to be put on a waiting-list, as priority was to be given to members of Heimdal. Most probably Heimdal also had a sudden surge in memberships!

Of course there was the inevitable female problem of what to wear!..both for the Danish reception and also for the Governor's Dinner later at the Hilton. Our younger son, Torben, then 10 years old, and young Kim Hansen, were to wear Danish National costume and present flowers to the Queen. So I also had to sew an outfit for Torben. No expense was spared ( I even paid $1 each for buttons for his waistcoat - quite expensive at that time). While I can sew, I'm hopeless at knitting, so my friend Tove thankfully offered to knit his hat with pompom attached.

On the big day, Preben, then President of Heimdal, was invited by the Danish Consul, Frank Nissen Wiis, to join him at the airport to greet the Royal party. Preben was touched by the maternal warmth of the Queen for her son Prince Joachim ( just like any mother missing her son). The Queen impressed with her language skills, French when Prince Henrik arrived, then back to English or Danish, whatever was required.

Later that day, at 5 p.m., 300 elegantly dressed Danes were gathering at the Auditorium at South Bank. Even with the air conditioning, we still sweltered on a hot, humid Brisbane day.

V.I.P.s had been personally invited by the Consul and they were to wait upstairs where they would be introduced to the Queen. Preben was downstairs organising name tags and getting Danes in the door. While upstairs Frank and his wife Jean mingled with the V.I.Ps. I was keeping an eye on young Torben and Kim who were patiently waiting with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Suddenly Torben called to me, "Mum, the Queen's coming". Well she was not expected for another 15 minutes, so it was a shock to see her taking big strides towards me. She came from the Art Gallery next door with the Government protocol staff struggling to keep up with her whilst talking frantically into their walkie-talkies. Frank, Jean, Preben and I were supposed to be there to greet her and here I was, all alone.

Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe 11,
at the door to the Auditorium at South Bank 1987
Royal family visit at the Auditorium at South Bank 1987

I gently pushed ( probably shoved) the children through the door, to present the flowers to the Queen. But, before I could duck back in to fetch the others, Kim, who has a very loud voice for one so young and angelic, said " but which one's the Queen?". I quietly told her it was the lady with the red hat on and made to go back through the door again, when she exclaimed just as loudly, "but she doesn't look like a Queen"! I just had to leave them to it, and tapped Frank on the shoulder, saying " she's here". The Protocol personnel were calling out for Preben to come upstairs immediately. I don't even remember if I curtsied to the Queen or not...I think it was just a handshake with head slightly bowed.

One of the most important VIPs was, of course, the Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen with wife Lady Flo. And of course Sir Joh, accustomed to being centre stage, followed hot on the heels of the Royal party as they made their way down the stairs and through the crowd to a stage with seven chairs. We had been told the two chairs on the left were for us, two others for Frank and Jean and three for the Royal party. None for Sir Joh or Lady Flo! I don't think Sir Joh was very impressed by this, especially as he'd just announced the " Joh for P.M." campaign and he was going to be Prime Minister of Australia.

Dronning Margrethe gave a wonderful, funny, "hyggelig" speech in Danish. She said, among other things, how Denmark is a small country "men vi fyldet så meget".

The Royal visitors seated at the Auditorium at South Bank 1987
Royal family visit at the Auditorium at South Bank 1987

Later, escorted by Frank, the Queen mixed freely with the Danes, many of whom had anecdotal stories of her father, King Frederik IX, and of the Queen herself, growing up with her two sisters in Copenhagen. It was obvious you could not get a more admired and respected Monarch. Preben was a little apprehensive about his duty to escort Prince Henrik, but Prince Henrik soon put him at ease and turned out to be extremely relaxed and amiable.

Preben presented her Majesty with a gift from Heimdal. There had been much discussion amongst the Heimdal committee about what to buy "a Queen who has everything!", It was the late Ejvind Enevoldsen, who came up with the idea of a "thunder egg". Apparently they are unique to few countries in the world, including Australia. They managed to find one in the shape of Australia, which could also be used as an ashtray.

Special notes:

This was certainly a very special event in Heimdal's history. We're still not sure why the Queen broke protocol by arriving early, but she did come from the Art Gallery where there are strict no-smoking rules, even for Royals. I'm not sure if young

Kim eventually got over the disillusionment of a Queen "without a tiara".

The Governor's dinner at the Hilton ballroom that evening was of course a much more formal occasion, hosted by Sir Joh alongside His Excellency, the Honourable Sir Walter Campbell, then Governor of Queensland, and Danish Consul Frank Nissen Wiis. We had just enough time to dash home and change into formal dress and get ourselves into the Hilton. The Queen's demeanour was noticeably more stiff and formal compared with the earlier relaxed Danish reception. She looked stunning in the Danish colours red and white. Preben and I were much more relaxed. In fact, along with the Air Commodore of Qld and wife, and the second highest judge in Queensland and his wife, we were the last to leave.

Note from Eilan Nielsen: This article is composed of personal experiences at the time and is not purported to be the official history of the event. That should probably be left to the former Danish Consul, Frank Nissen Wiis, who had the huge burden of planning, overseeing and responsibility for the Royal visit.

The Scandinavian Festival 20 - 26 August 1990

Girls from the 4 Scandinavian countries with Preben Nielsen
Girls from the 4 Scandinavian countries

In 1990 The three Scandinavian clubs got together to have a week-long "Scandinavian Festival". There were several exhibitions around Brisbane, including the combined Scandinavian exhibition at Ithaca Auditorium which was very popular. There was a theatre production of "Peer Gynt" with the famous Eugene Gilfedder playing Peer, which received a very good write up. Dacka Drangar, a Swedish Barber shop singing group, sponsored by Volvo, gave several shows in Brisbane. There were many of them and they looked quite fearsome in Viking gear!. I and the singing group appeared on national TV, the Kerri-Anne Kennerley Morning Show, promoting the festival. Clas Stromblad collated a Scandinavian Cook Book, with contributions of recipes from Scandinavian ladies, which proved very popular. A combined Scandinavian church service for the religious, was also held at Woolloongabba Lutheran Church.

The grand finale was a formal "Viking" ball, held at the Main Auditorium at City Hall. We had numerous singers and musicians performing at a formal sit-down dinner. We organised two big bars which helped raise funds for the event. 365 Scandinavians and friends attended and danced until the small hours of the morning.

Unfortunately Russell Williams was unwell so I had to stand-in as M.C for the evening. We got good coverage in the press with a special section in the Sunday newspaper with photos of the event .

It was a big promotion for all the Scandinavian clubs, and as it turned out, also a nice and welcome financial benefit. Scandinavian Airlines very generously donated two return airline tickets.

It took a long time to plan this event. The committee spent a lot of hours discussing the details. The Chairman was Russell Williams (Norwegian Club), Vice Chairman Preben Nielsen, plus several other members from all the clubs

In 1992 we had Heimdal's 120 years Jubilee Ball at the City Hall. The committee arranged for a sit-down dinner with up to 200 members and guests attending. The club has a video of this event. Congratulatory telegrams were received from Denmark, and both the Prime minister of Australia, The Hon Paul Keating and Qld politicians, which were read out by Frank Nissen-Wiis. Peter Krebs sang the National anthem, and Flemming Brinkmann was M.C

1992 saw a visit by Shu-bi-dua . As the clubhouse was too

small, we hired the BCC community hall at Morningside. We had outside caterers as we had more than 200 people attending, and because it was a warm summer day we organised a temporary bar both outside and inside. This was another big task for the committee, but the reward was a very successful function.

Also in 1992, the Heimdal Folk Dancing group was founded. Many of our members were also members of the Norwegian folk dance group, and after a visit of Danish folk dancers, Tom & Lis Larsen took charge and formed the dance group. They have been going very enthusiastically since then, with many performances both here in Brisbane, around the country and overseas.

Since 1984 we had Danish radio 4EB, first located at South Brisbane and later under the Story Bridge. One of the radio presenters was Carlo Blak, who also was on Heimdal's committee. I am not sure when this radio station was closed down. Now we have The Danish Radio on S.B.S. from Sydney every Saturday, presented by Sanne Mallett.

After 10 years as President I stood down in 1994, and the Vice President Flemming Brinkmann took over.

The club was in a very good financial position so it would be easy for the new committee to continue.

Later on in 1994 new chairs and tables were bought, here too money was generously donated by members towards the cost.

During 1995, negotiations with another developer, Forrester Parker were taking place. Ole Andersen was doing the negotiations and the final offer was that the Club surrendered the three properties plus $35.000 for a strata title first floor with 214 sq m. club facilities, 127 sq m terrace, 80 sq m office sub-tenancy and 15 car parks in the new building to be erected on the site. This would mean the Club would have to borrow more than $50.000 to pay the $35.000 to Forester Parker and $14.125 in stamp Duty.

Flemming Brinkmann and the committee came up with the suggestion of an alternative proposal for the development of the Club.

The land on the Corner of Jeavons Lane and Cleveland St be sold, with half the money to be used for redevelopment and renovating the existing club house , extending the building over the beer garden. The old house next door to be removed to make way for a car park. The rest of the money would be invested for future use.

At a Special General Meeting on the 17 may, these and other possibilities of relocating are discussed, but the conclusion of the Meeting was, that the majority of members wanted no debt incurred and no land sold off.

An offer of $550.000 for our properties had been received, and a sub committee was appointed at a Special General Meeting on 10 November 1996. The members felt that no decision should be taken about selling before we had some ideas of what we could buy for the money offered.

Another Special General Meeting was held on 14 February 1997 . The latest offer for our properties was $560.00 and Ole Andersen advised that in his opinion it would be unlikely to raise further. He estimated that after deducting commission, legal expenses and stamp duty on a new property we would have apx $525.000.

The sub-committee had inspected several properties suitable for our club.

The committee unanimously recommended that the Club be sold for $560.00. I could not attend the meeting but sent a fax from DK supporting the sale, and many members stood up and expressed their support. No one came up with any objections, a rather unusual situation at a Heimdal meeting.

Flemming Brinkmann, Ole Andersen & Jørgen deVoss signed the sales contract for the properties to be sold after 90 days, subject to the buyer's Council approval, with the money to be paid 10 days later.

Then it was a big task to clean up and pack & store all the inventory of the club .

The sub-committee was busy inspecting properties suitable for the club, and Aage Christoffersen told the sub- committee of the property in Austin St Newstead.

In the meantime Flemming Brinkmann and the committee continued to hold Heimdal's functions at the Norwegian Club at Newmarket.

In 1997 the committee held a 125 years Jubilee Ball at City Hall with Flemming Brinkmann, President, as M.C. This proved once again to be a very big and special event.

In 1998 Preben Mellin was elected President.

We had many meetings in Preben Mellin's office re the future of Heimdal and what the members wanted etc. All were noted down for future use.

At a Special General Meeting the proposal to buy the property at Austin St Newstead was accepted by the members.

A special Sub - committee was formed, "the Planning and Building Committee"

Chaired by Preben Nielsen, members included:

Flemming Brinkmann, Preben Mellin, Aage Christoffersen, Ole Andersen, Leif Ottesen, plus many more. It was a big task to do all the planning and later all the renovations. Quite often I had to make several trips a week down to Brisbane, 2 hours each way, for meetings. Preben Mellin also asked me to be on the Club's committee, which I accepted. It was all worth it for the future of our Club.

When we finally took over Austin St, there was then the need to renovate this building to Heimdal's needs. This was carried out in the traditional "Danish way" with many highly skilled and enthusiastic trades people coming forward to help.

Leif Ottesen was a builder and in charge of building renovations. He did an amazing job. Plans were drawn up, new toilet facilities were constructed, the staircase was relocated, the wall to the childrens' room moved to make more room for the kitchen. Female members designed the layout of the new kitchen with expertise and knowledge....

New front glass doors were installed. Noise testing was carried out, to be within BCC specifications.

Ivan Hansen from Plaza Tiles, very generously donated all the tiles for the renovations. A special, new wooden floor was installed so the folk-dancers could happily dance away in comfort. Walls were repaired and repainted, plus much more.

All was carried out by willing club members. It was probably the most extensive effort ever carried out by Heimdal and we now have our magnificent Newstead property, totally designed for Heimdal.

New tables and chairs were purchased, and a big opening night was planned. It was a sit-down dinner and formal dress code. A marquee was hired for the courtyard, providing extra space as we expected a lot of members that night.

It was full house. There were several speeches, fine dining and a packed dance floor, as we had a very good band playing.

The Club was officially opened by : His Excellency, The Ambassador of Denmark Kris Lund - Jensen on 10 April 1999.

Also in 1999, there was a visit by the well known and hugely popular band from Denmark, "Kandis" They were on a tour around Australia,

The Committee arranged to pick them up from the airport, and the next day was a sightseeing trip for the band, around Brisbane and up north to Noosa. I got a surprise phone call from Jens Madsen who was driving them around in a mini-bus, saying they would be at our place in 10 minutes. Suddenly apx 10 Danes trooped in, including 4 journalists from Dr1. Fortunately we had enough beer in the fridge!.

The band invited me to play with them at the big night in Austin St, so I had to practice my bagpipes. A first, ever, for the band!

Again a full house in Heimdal. It took little time for all to get in the mood and up on the dance floor.

In 1999 The Heimdal Golf Club was formed. Many members played golf, so it was a social golf club aiming to increase the Heimdal membership. We played all around Brisbane and SE Qld enjoying the challenge of so many new golf courses. The inaugural match was held up at Mt.Coolum Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast, where I was president at the time and managed to organise a special day for the Heimdal golfers. We all had red Polo shirts and red caps embroidered with Heimdal. A yearly a presentation night was held where shields and trophies were awarded . But I am not sure if the golf club still exists unfortunately, but it did keep going for many years and we had a lot of fun.

Preben Mellin and committee tried to start a youth evening, but we only had a few evenings. But the evenings we held were successful., My son Torben had a Rock band, so we got them to put on a concert the first night. The band spread the word around Qld university and it was a good turn-out. Preben and I were behind the bar, serving drinks and also keeping an eye' and also to 'keep and eye' on things, we had a turnover of more than $2000 that night. We had a small cover charge where half went to the band. A great night,

Unfortunately, around this time we had the first and hopefully the last, sexual harassment claim in our Club. Apparently at a "Smørrebrøds Fest" a member made a comment which was taken the wrong way by another couple. The complaint came apx. 3 months after the event. The committee assumed it was between the two members involved, but it became a bigger matter when the accusers demanded the President and the club be involved. Preben Mellin and the club's solicitor, Ole Andersen attended copious counselling meetings with the parties involved. Finally it was resolved with a written apology by the accused, who also was required to stand down as a member of Heimdal for 6 months. The President and club were obliged to write an apology and also print it in our monthly magazine.

At the next management meeting all this was discussed, and it was moved and passed by all the committee members that the accusing couple had put Heimdal's name in disrepute. There was a lot pressure and time wasted for both Preben and Ole, so it was moved and accepted by all, that the couple be expelled from the club , and not to ever be accepted as members again . This was all written in the minutes.

Sadly this also played a big part in Preben Mellin not standing again as president in 2000, a big loss for Heimdal.

Ulla Turner was elected President in 2000.

She had a lot of ideas and energy and kept the club running.

Numerous functions were held with a variety of performers.

In 2002 the 130 years Jubilee was held at the Sheraton Hotel, with up to 300 attending. It was a truly elegant evening with formal attire, and fine dining served at big round tables with white tablecloths. Special guest of the evening was Bent Fabricius Bjerre, of 'Alley Cat' fame, all the way from Denmark. The only negative was, that many Danes were unhappy about it being called a 'Scandinavian' Jubilee, when it was rightfully the 'Danish' club Heimdal's 130 years Jubilee and that we had a 'Swedish' M.C. ( I heartily agree with them). This was probably why I took over as M.C. during the evening.

We still danced the night away to a fantastic big band.

In 2004 sadly some troubles arose in the committee . Ole Andersen was accused of misusing the club's funds. It ended with his resignation from the club after apx 25years as treasurer. I did not believe this, and it has not been proved. In 2006 when Alf Berg became president I did an audit on the accounts and some irregularities continued long after Ole resigned.

At a big function in 2004, I was made an Honorary member.

Ulla Turner had started "Ulla's Cafe" held on the 4th Friday of the month, an event which proved very popular, particularly with the Danish baker and the Danish butcher coming in with their goods for sale.

2005 was a year with more troubles in the club. Ulla Turner made a speech at a special meeting that maybe the club should be sold. It was suggested she get a valuation of how much the premises were worth.

However Ulla Turner promptly put the premises up for sale.

Some months later, meetings were proposed. The committee had looked at several options re a new club house. Leif Ottesen had drawn up plans to build a new clubhouse. Someone else came up with an offer re a place at Springwood. Another suggestion was renting land at Fig Tree Pocket and putting up a big shed. Nothing was resolved at that meeting.

As I had just returned from a holiday, I started to investigate what had actually happened.

Ulla Turner called a special General Meeting as she had received an offer for $1 million for the club's premises.

Going through all the minutes of the past meetings it was obvious that Ulla Turner had not been authorised to put the premises on the market. Some members took legal advice and a caveat was placed on the property, at the members' own expense, preventing sale of the property.

The Extraordinary General Meeting held in early 2006, was a stormy one. The committee members had received a letter from the solicitor of the concerned members group, so they were informed. It was revealed that Ulla Turner had spent $5000 on advertising the premises for sale. The only other person to know this was the Treasurer, who wrote the cheque at Ulla Turner's request. So it had not been given the committee's approval and neither the Secretary nor the rest of the committee knew about the cheque.

Many members could see we were better off staying at the Newstead premises. We received lots of advice and many members spoke up at the meeting. Yes, I was one of the vocal ones, as I knew how much we had put into this building, and the location was the best for all the members. The vote was a majority in favour of staying and not to sell the premises. Frank Nissen-Wiis stood up and said this should be the finish of the matter.

Unfortunately some members were upset with this decision, and resigned. There was some division in the club and that can happen sometimes in clubs such as ours. As it eventuated, many of these members returned again to the club.

It was decided later not to prosecute Ulla Turner .

A few members came together later in 2006 to get a new committee together for the coming AGM.

At the A.G.M. Alf Berg was elected President. I had promised to help him as treasurer, but Ulla Turner stated I could not take this position as I was an honorary member. My wife Eilan who was a fully paid up member, then was elected treasurer. Plus a group of young Danish females became members of the committee, bringing in fresh blood and new ideas.

The Committee was:

Alf Berg, President,

Alan Przybylak, Vice President,

Flemming Brinkmann, Secretary,

Eilan Nielsen, Treasurer,

Committee members:

Benny Uhlott, Roy Schack, Nina Nielsen. Mai-Britt Mortensen, Peter W Hansen, Lone Lambourne and Britt Christiansen.

As a member assisting the treasurer, I did an audit of the books, and quite a few receipts and other important information was missing. I set up an account spreadsheet, also updated the membership list, sorted out the contracts for the permanent tenants, got them updated and also made up contracts for hiring of the club. These arrangements had become a complete mess and needed to be sorted out.

It was decided to change the name of "Ulla's Cafe" to "Cafe Danmark" and this evening is as popular as ever to this day.

When the Multicultural festival was held in Brisbane in 2006

we had a great stand. Committee members and volunteers

came into the club the day before, to make up and bake æbleskiver, Benny uhlott "invented" a huge mixer for the dough and with wife Ulla made a big effort.

Allan was in charge of drinks and the mobile cool room.

Thanks to all the helpers we had a great day, all in Heimdal T-shirts, baking and selling , Our Hot dog man was Flemming Brinkmann (made apx 500 hotdogs) and we can't remember how many thousand æbleskiver. It was an exhausting day and we all said "never again", at least until the next year. Profits for the day were apx $6000, not a bad effort!

In 2007 it was Heimdal's 135 year jubilee, a big function was planned, but we could not get sponsors in writing to help out. Roy Schack suggested a Gala Cocktail party at our clubhouse. And the rest of the committee agreed, as this would not "break the bank'. It was full house again, with members wearing their formal best. The new Danish Ambassador, Suzanne Shine and her husband Tony, attended, along with the Danish Consul Lars Kirk.

At the AGM in 2008, we had to vote for a new president. Søren Hoimark was elected and has been president since.

Allan Przybylak was elected Vice president, a position he had held for apx 8 years, and still does.

The club continues to grow, and functions are as popular as ever. However there's still always maintenance to the club house. But under new steady management, all is going well for Heimdal.

The committee has also seen new members who are 2nd generation Danes and attended the club as children. Great to see.

We also do have some long time members, Henrik Steenberg has been a member since he came with his parents in the

1930's, Frank Nissen-Wiis has been a member since he arrived in the late 1940's, Aase Jørgensen, Keld & Ellen Madsen and more have been members since the mid 1950's.

It's quite incredible that generations of Danes have remained involved with Heimdal.

In 2011 Flemming Brinkmann was made Honorary member.

The committee is planning a special event for this September, 2012, as it is Heimdal's 140 years jubilee .

Preben K Nielsen, Frank Nissen-Wiis, and ??
in the club on Austin street Feb 2012
Preben, Frank and ?? in the club Feb 2012

The years 2008 - 2012 by Søren Hoimark

Heimdal 2008-09


President Soren Hoimark

Vice President Alan Przybylak

Treasurer Lone Schmidt

Secretary Flemming Brinkmann

Member Peter Hansen

Member Roy Schack

Member Benny Uhlott

Member Nina Nielsen

Membership Officer Lone Lambourne

The popular monthly open house event on the 4th Friday of the month, Cafe Danmark, where we prepare traditional open ryebread sandwiches, remains the backbone of the club and continues to be well supported by members.

Our other activities this year included our usual participation in the Queensland Multicultural Festival in October where we served æbleskiver and Danish hotdogs to many visitors to the event.

In addition to our traditional Christmas activities we added a new event, the Julestue where kids and adults enjoyed the fine art of making Danish Christmas decorations, practising Christmas carols, baking Christmas cookies and decking the

Christmas tree in preparation for the big event later in

December when Santa Claus visited the club with presents for all the kids.

As a joint event with the Swiss Club, we held a successful Wine & Cheese night with Rick Caspersen as our inspired host. Further events with other clubs included the Moose Hunt with the Swedish Club - a competition of sharpshooters and no live moose, of course, and another Scandinavian Cafe was held at the Finnish Club where the Danish Club

contributed with our popular "smørrebrød".

Another new activity for this club year was an initiative by a group of parents to establish the Danish Playgroup. The club has provided a home for the playgroup every Friday morning in support of the activity where parents and kids get together and play together in Danish and sing Danish children"s songs.

We also held "Bamses Fødselsdag" - "Teddy Bear"s Birthday Party" which filled the club with many happy kids into teddy bear appreciation, birthday cake and warm cocoa - as well as many parents and grandparents, who all enjoyed the event.

This year, the club lodged an application with the QLD Gambling Community Benefit Fund to fund a roof treatment to improve insulation and save energy as well as stopping a growing number of leaks, and we were very grateful to receive the funding to carry out the project.

The membership increased over the year. The committee is very aware that we need a constant inflow of new members as changes in the existing membership occur rapidly with many members moving interstate or returning to Denmark This made it all the more pleasing to see growth in membership to around 120 family members.

Heimdal 2009-10


President Soren Hoimark

Vice President Alan Przybylak

Treasurer Lone Schmidt

Secretary Roy Schack

Member Peter Hansen

Member Vivian Lindup

Member Jorgen Skov

Member Henrik Caspersen

Member Kim Tvede


Membership Officer Lone Lambourne

The 2009-2010 club year brought along new activities for the club as we introduced a Christmas Market with many stalls in the club and in March, we recognised our members in Toowoomba by hosting a Cafe Danmark event in Toowoomba, which received good support.

For our stall at the QLD Multicultural Festival, we introduced a new mix with ice cream cones, Danish pastries and coffee, which proved very popular. Our volunteers on the day worked hard to keep up.

At our Store Kolde Bord in November, Susanne Shine, the Danish Ambassador to Australia, participated together with local MP Grace Grace to help us acknowledge The Gambling Commission Benefit Fund"s grant to our roof restoration project. A plaque was unveiled to mark the occasion.

We started December with a surprise Diamond Wedding anniversary party for Jean and Frank Nissen-Wiis. 60 friends, members and family gathered on a warm Sunday afternoon and welcomed the astonished couple to a hall decorated with a traditional "æresport" (flower portal) with red and white carnations, balloons, singing, champagne, canapés and a magnificent kransekage from Britt & Rene, our bakers.

In April we decided to have a "store kolde bord" event at Sunday lunch time which proved to be a huge success with the event fully booked.

Thanks to an introduction by our musical member Kurt Christensen, our venue became home to 4 annual folk music concerts organised by FOAN - Folkies Old and New - and as our hall has great acoustics, the venue has remained very popular with artists, as well as guests, who all enjoy the cosy atmosphere at the club.

The membership grew again and exceeded 150 member families this year, and due to high activity levels in hall hire (increased use and rental income), the club"s finances were going strong. Yet again the club was able to maintain prices on food and drinks for the benefit of all members participating in the events.

Heimdal 2010-11


President Soren Hoimark

Vice President Alan Przybylak

Treasurer Lone Schmidt

Secretary Vivian Lindup

Member Peter Hansen

Member Jens Goenget

Member Michael Schmidt

Member Lise Kopittke

Member Kim Tvede

Membership Officer Birte Schmidt

The 2010-2011 club year started out as normal and the new events introduced over the two previous years had become part of the fabric and all was going well - until ...

January 2011 - Brisbane Flooding

The club was not flooded by the river, we were inundated by sewage water caused by the huge amounts of rain resulting in the break down of a sewage pump station - and the water levels rose causing a complete flooding of the club.

Our beautiful hardwood dance floor was more suitable for skateboarding than dancing with a whopping big "wave" across

the full length of the floor, and fortunately Urban Utilities attended quickly to inspect and clean up and the event was recognised as an insurance event covered under our policy with QBE.

Immediate action resulted in quotes being received, forwarded to and approved by our insurers, and we managed to avoid disruption to our Cafe Danmark evenings as we timed the removal and re-laying of the timber floor to take place between events.

QBE co-operated and acted quickly to our requests and we were able to convert areas covered by carpet into more modern looking tiled areas - easier to keep clean, too.

The tiling only became an option as our favourite member, Ivan and Marlese Hansen @ Plaza Tiles donated all the tiles required, and this was a much appreciated gesture - this was the second time Ivan and Marlese showed their generous nature as they had also donated the tiles when the club was first outfitted.

The insurance claim exceeded $100,000 and this was caused by the nature of the sewage water necessitating replacement of interior walls, kickboards, doors etc as anything touched by sewage water must be removed, so we were grateful for having the right insurance cover in place and also grateful for the support received by QBE and our insurance broker, Direct Insurance Brokers.

This event took a lot of energy and time and the committee was looking forward to completing the repairs. However, once they were complete, we had to acknowledge that the club now looked so new and fresh that the tables and chairs, which were bought second hand in 1998, were simply too worn. Several chairs had broken down already, posing a potential safety hazard, so we focussed on the next project: new furniture.

An approach was made to Danish furniture makers explaining our predicament and Fritz Hansen responded with an overwhelmingly generous gesture by providing the club with new Danish design tables at an absolutely symbolic price.

Also Le Klint responded positively by donating new lamps, and while we were unable to find a chair sponsor, we identified a chair in a Scandinavian design, we could afford and our overhaul of the great hall was complete.

The furniture didn"t arrive until December 2011, but in short, having started 2011 under very challenging circumstances, the support received from Danish companies and our members certainly kept us going.

We also received kind donations from Nilfisk - 2 new wet/dry vacuum cleaners, and Pernod-Ricard Denmark - the owners of our favourite Danish brands of snaps and Gammel Dansk cheered us up no end by donating new snaps glasses and many other items belonging in a Danish restaurant, so this has again helped to improve our Danish look. Later in the year, Pandora contributed with a beautiful bracelet with charms for our Christmas market raffle.

To assist with the shipping of our new tables, chairs, lamps etc from Denmark to Brisbane, we were very grateful to receive confirmation from the world"s biggest container shipping company, the Danish company Maersk, that the container would be shipped freight free.

The last event for this club year was the celebration of midsummer - "Sankt Hans Aften" - which took place at the SAGA Vikings village at Petrie and we all gathered around the fire singing the traditional "Midsommervise" - and virtually "i røg og damp".

It was also pleasing to record another increase in memberships by the end of the club year - 180 member families - getting close to our target of 200, which we believe is a good number to ensure an active club in the long term.

Heimdal 2011-12


President Soren Hoimark

Vice President Alan Przybylak

Treasurer Lone Schmidt

Secretary Vivian Lindup

Member Peter Hansen

Member Iben Gjessing Lund

Member Michael Schmidt

Member Lise Kopittke

Member Kim Tvede

Member Henning Klinke

Membership Officer Birte Schmidt

The 2011-2012 club year started with our "new" July evening event, a traditional Danish Christmas dinner. The hall was packed, the kitchen cooked 23 kg of roast pork, produced enormous amounts of red cabbage, gravy and caramelised potatoes followed by ris a l"amande with cherry sauce. Members, guests and committee all agreed that it was a success.

Other events for the year followed the now established pattern:

Queensland Multicultural Festival, Moose Hunt, Store Kolde Bord, Christmas Party, Julestue, Santa Claus arrives with presents for kids, Fastelavn, Bamses Fødselsdag, Easter Lunch. The popular Cafe Danmark remains a great evening to meet friends, taste our delicious smørrebrød and Danish pastries and to shop at the baker and butcher.

The club arranged a special screening of the Danish movie about the comedian Dirch Passer, "Dirch" for all members, and we almost filled the theatre at The Barracks and all enjoyed the movie.

At the request of several members, we organised a New Year"s Eve Party 2011 which was well attended by not just our

members but also several parties from the Swiss and French Clubs. It was a great excuse to dress up and dance to live music, and all enjoyed the night.

Another additional event was the 70th Birthday Bash celebrating the many members turning 70 and the club hosted a big party for all the birthday girls and boys - and the dancing was fierce!

"Det var en lørdag aften" was another new event - a quiet evening on a Saturday night at the club - eating, talking and playing cards - great idea - only we all kept on talking, so nobody played cards - but it was a good night.

We also hosted a fund raising event for Brisbane Folk Music.

Project, which was a fantastic day and night with many great bands delivering great music, and the organisers received nice contributions for their project.

The Danish Playgroup has continued to grow and it is great to see many of the new members are young families.

Last but not least - we decided in 2011 to celebrate the club"s 140 anniversary by hosting the Scandinavian Festival in Austin Street together with our Scandinavian friends and during 2011/12 many hours were invested in pursuing various avenues of financial support for this expensive venture and finally we got over the line thanks to 2 sponsors, Queensland Government/Department of Communities and a big hand from Brisbane City Council through The Lord Mayor"s Suburban Initiative Fund.

23 September 2012, Austin Street will be closed off to make room for heaps of food stalls with Scandinavian food, art-craft-design, Vikings, entertainment for kids including Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. The Danish Folk Dancers, KUPALEJA and The Scandinavian Choir will entertain.

Søren's report brings us to the end of my, (P.K.Nielsen)'s 40 year history of the Club.

The latest news is that the roof of the clubhouse has now been replaced.

In closing I would like to mention that, thanks to all the volunteer members over all these years, we today have a great club. We are financially sound and our modern clubhouse designed by and for the members at Newstead, is something we all can be proud of.

Over the years it has been sometimes suggested that we should be combined with the other Scandinavian Clubs as it was in the beginning, a Scandinavian Club. However, since the very early days, the Club was almost totally Danish, with Danish members.

I can remember many years ago that Heimdal member Oscar Christiansen told me how Heimdal became a Danish Club.

His father was President in 1919 - 1920, and at that time it was only Danes that were members and it had been like that

for a long, long time. Finally, in 1924, Heimdal officially became a Danish Club. Heimdal has always been Danish, and should always be Danish. The wishes of our forefathers should always be respected.

Of course, we will always be socially interactive with the other Scandinavian clubs.

We've had our ups and downs over the years, but as always "Holger Danske" woke up fighting to save our Club.

Preben Kirkemann Nielsen August 2012

[small edits and formatted for online by peter w hansen, July 2021]