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Putting our 140th anniversary in perspective
The club was established
  • 13 years after Queensland was established as a separate colony from New South Wales in 1859.
  • 4 years after the first part of Parliament House, next to the City Botanical Gardens, was completed in 1868.
  • The same year the Brisbane General Post Office was built in Queen St between Edward and Creek in 1872. The photo is from Queen Street c 1870s.
  • 10 years before electricity first was trialled in Queen St (between Eagle Street and Victoria Bridge) in December 1882. Only 1 year after electricity was first demonstrated in England.
  • 15 years before the Immigration Depot Yungaba, Kangaroo Point was built in 1887. It was the first port of call for many thousands of immigrants who came to Queensland.
  • 23 years before ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was performed for the first time in the North Gregory Hotel at Winton in 1895.
Early Street lights in a Brisbane street
  • 25 years before the first electrical trams started operating in Brisbane in 1897.
  • 29 years before the colony of Queensland becomes a state of the new Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901.
  • 30 years after Brisbane stopped being a penal colony and it was opened for free settlement in 1842.
George Street in 1923 -
	w Treasury Under construction in Brisbane
  • 52 years before the city was bitumened due to the rise of the motor car in 1924. The photo shows George Street in 1923 - note Treasury Under construction and the old river shape pre-Riverside Expressway
  • 58 years before Brisbane City Hall was opened in 1930.
  • 70 years before the Wacol Army Barracks were built to accommodate 5000 US troops who arrived during WWII in 1942. This later became the Wacol Immigration Centre.
  • 96 years before Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen started his premiership in 1968, which lasted until 1987 (19 years), making him the longest serving premier in Queensland history.
  • 110 years before the largest major sporting event ever held in Queensland, the Commonwealth Games came to Brisbane in 1982. The Brisbane mall was also first opened in 1982.
  • 116 years before World Expo was held at South Bank in 1988, putting Brisbane in the world spotlight and giving it a much needed confidence boost. It was the beginning of the bustling metropolitan city we know today.
  • 134 years before the first extra tall highrise was built in Brisbane in 2006. The Aurora Tower is 69 storeys tall. In 2011 this was topped by Soleil (74 storeys and the same height as the Mt Coottha lookout) and construction has started on Meriton Infinity Apartments to be completed late 2013 (81 storeys) 262 meters tall.
Thanks to Pia Blak for drawing the timeline meshing with Heimdal’s history, pictures from State Library of Queensland.