After COVID caused Sankt Hans to be cancelled last year, then it's great news that it's going to be held again this year.
As per usual it's possible to stay overnight if you wish to bring sleeping gear, a tent to camp and some breakfast. In past years some has had a pancake feast in the morning before packing up.
The temperature drops overnite so bring warm cloth and extra blankets, a fold out chair and There will be a bonfire on Saturday and food and drinks to purchase.

There will be no Play and Family Day this month but you are welcome to bring children to Sankt Hans. If you bring some sticks and and dough for "snobrød, the fires are great to keep the kids entertained, and it is dark so nobody sees the blacked bread.

By supporting Saga Vikings hosting this event, this year we are also assisting with attendee bookings. Keep an eye out for more information by email (you are welcome to call and make a booking over the phone or email too).

Members keep an eye out for more information by email