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Danish Dual Citizenship

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The Danish Association Heimdal
Brisbane, Australia

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UQ St Lucia Campus

Heimdal Functions and Events

Skt Hans Fest with Saga Vikings - 23 June 2018 - from 4pm

Traditional Danish midsummer bonfire party, come bring your partner and kids. never mind it is going on winter here. This really is a great event, keep in mind that it can be a bit chilly in the evening so have an extra sweater and blankets ready, as well as a light/hand torch (it gets dark!) and also some camp chairs.
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As we have fires you may bring some snobrøds dej and some wooden sticks for the kids to bake over the embers. There will be catering (Hotdogs, cake and drinks) and the evening bon-fire.
Location: "Black Forest" 110 (149) Byrnes Road North, Joyner QLD 4501
Head for the YMCA camp in Byrnes Road, drive to the end of the road and it is on the right side, however you may want to park your car up on the road BEFORE you make your way down the driveway to the SAGA vikings where there is some limited parking available. HEIMDAL HOLDER SKT HANS HOS SAGA VIKINGERNE

LØRDAG DEN 23. JUNI 2018 - KL 16.00
You are welcome to camp overnight, a few die hards have been doing this for many years. The camp is near the river and can be quite cold overnight, so do bring extra warm night gear if camping.

Scandinavian Film Festival - 19 Jul to 5 Aug

The film festival is hosted at Palace Cinemas. For more details go to the Scandinavian Film Festival site HERE.