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Danish Dual Citizenship

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The Danish Association Heimdal
Brisbane, Australia

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Club hours

UQ St Lucia Campus

Heimdal Functions and Events

Christmas party Juletræsfest - 9 December, 2 - 5 PM

Heimdal Juletræ
We invite members, friends and their children and grandchildren to celebrate Christmas at the club. Enjoy singing traditional Danish Christmas songs with "KUPALEJA" and dancing around the Christmas tree while we wait for Santa Oz and his helpers to arrive.
There will be glögg and æbleskiver, and hotdogs on the menu and maybe a few other goodies.
Make sure you bring along a gift for your child/children, wrapped and clearly labelled and hand it in at the door. Santa will hand out the gifts when he arrives. We want to make sure there's room for everyone, please book by Wednesday 6 December 2016.
Send an email to
treasurer@danishclubbrisbane.org or ring Lone on
0437 612 913 with names and numbers.

Fastelavnsfest - 10 Februar 2018 2-5 pm

Get the kids dressed up and ready for action.
We will have more details in the first 2018 issue of our newsletter.
There will be prizes for best - dressed boy and girl, so now is the time to start up the sewing machine and get going.
Fastelavn Party
Saturday 10
February 2018

And we are under cover in the courtyard.
There will be delicious fastelavnsboller available from Britts to go with your afternoon coffee or maybe you prefer a hot dog with a cold beer.
You can also order fastelavnsboller in advance to take home.