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St Hans with the Saga Vikings, -
Saturday 22 June 2017 4.00 pm

Invited by the Saga Vikings, we once again packed tents and warm cloth and headed to the Black Forrest at Petri.

Bon Fire with the Vikings 2019
A small group of Heimdal families turned up this year with plenty of young ones. The fire was perfect to start and the figure on top had a flying start towards Bloksberg.
As darkness fell all we could see of the kids were their glow sticks and hear their enjoyment out in the shadows, at one point glow sticks were observed moving steadily up in a tree.
Some were also entertained with "snobrød" over the embers after the big fire (dough on a stick), a trio of performers gave an impromptu song and dance of Romanite origin.
We sat around the fire talking until gradually the guest not staying over night left and the remaining group were left to watch the dying fire.
Camping morning after the bonfire the Vikings 2019

The SAGA Vikings did a fantastic job, and we have to thank them for the food and camp setup work they did.

Scandinavian Film Festival 2019 - Palace Cinemas

In Brisbane at Palace Cinemas, Thursday 18 July 2019 - Wednesday 7 August 2019.
As usual a range of quality drama from the Nordic countries
The Danish films includes the final instalment of Juha Adler Olsen's books on Dept Q: "The Purity of Vengeance" Read and view the full program at the festivals web site.