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Brisbane, Australia

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UQ St Lucia Campus

Heimdal Folk Dance

Folk Dance Group at Heimdal

Folk dancing anyone???
Danish Folkdancers in a street
We are a group of people that like to:
Interact with other dance and cultural groups, especially Scandinavian;
Share and extend our experience of dance by means of workshops, festivals and other activities;
Provide support and friendship to our members
At the same time we enjoy and preserve the Danish folk dance tradition.
1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of each month
7:30pm ~ 10pm
‘Heimdal’ Danish Club,
36 Austin St Newstead 4006
February ~ November
Each dance night always finishes with a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits, which are included in the membership fees.
Danish Folkdancers enjoy the outdoors
Our group was established, after a visit by 45 Folk dancers from Taastrup – Denmark.
We have a mixture of nationalities in our group and we mainly dance traditional Danish Folk dances but with a sprinkling of Norwegian and Swedish dances.
Dances, we have chosen for performances, are a mix of couple dances, circle dances and quadrille dances.
Our costumes and dances have been drawn from the period between 1750 and 1890 and include Swedish and Norwegian costumes as well.
Our repertoire has expanded to include courtly dances such as the Lancer (Les Lancer) and Quadrille Francaise.