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Visiting the club and COVID

The COVID pandemic has affected the club and all events.

In 2020 club events were put on hold for a while until take-away was explored as an option for everyone to still connect and enjoy Danish goodies. In 2021 the club then started testing how we could open up for seated events again and stay open. Working with COVID is hard and this has also resulted in new types of events as we try to accommodate for as many members as possible within our limitations.

Planning events with COVID is a challenge. Not only is there a lot of extra work but also, often there are many unknowns, cancellations of events and changing guidelines (the club adheres to guidelines and imposed restrictions by the Queensland Government at all times). Unforeseen challenges also show up as part of navigating in this environment and nothing is what it was anymore.

Despite everything the club has stayed open and hosted some successful events.

With a changing environment and new ways of visiting the club and attending events, the committee tries hard to communicate with all members to ensure messages come across as good as possible. Part of this work has been to update our membership database, have a booking system in place and encourage everyone to get in touch either via email, phone or in person if assistance or explanations are needed.

It requires hard work from everyone involved at the club with everything going on and we would like to give all a huge applause for the continued support and for being the backbone of the club during hardship.

Due to limited numbers of people in the club because of COVID, generally speaking members have first access to events but friends are also welcome (it may vary depending on the events).

If you are not a member and would like to visit and find out what the club is all about, then we do of course welcome guests too (please write yourself in the guest book upon arrival).

We welcome you all and please get in touch if you would like to know more about visiting

Stay safe.