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Cafe Danmark at Heimdal

Open House Christmas special CLOSED for pre-orders
Saturday 24 July 2021 2pm - 4pm

This event has now passed the BOOKING DEADLINE!

You can still come and shop the stalls and also may be be lucky, that we have extra food BUT we can't do more bookings now!


Flæskestegs sandwich
Fabled 'PULLED PORK' sandwich (V, VG)
Æbleskiver & Gløgg
Open Bar


Club - Lollies Sild Makrel Cheese
Britts Organic Bakery - Pre-orders 07 5571 6881
Boda Silver Jewellery
Lis' Perler
Imogen Hand embroidery

Join us for our fantastic Christmas in July Event.

In Club and Newstead park

There will be limited seating in the Danish Club, and so we have arranged for space and some Danish hygge at the near by Newstead Park, where you may want to enjoy your purchased food while the kids play at the play ground.

Eventbrite invitation has been emailed out to Danish Club members and Friends of the club

Not a member yet? Sign up today CLICK HERE

While you need to book for fresh food,

you do not need to book to shop the stalls,

see the details on the Eventbrite booking page!

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@danishclubbrisbane.org or call / SMS us on 0437 612 913

Renew your 21-22 MEMBERSHIP - you can pay here online

The July Newsletter will have a reminder for those who need to to renew.
You can use the online form at anytime on this site for card payment or make a netbank deposit to our account.

We do understand that many of our younger member families are very busy and find it hard to commit to volunteer in the club, your membership payment is a pad on the back and a nice acknowledgement, of the members of the teams working to make the club life real and enjoyable for all.

The annual membership payment for the Danish Association "Heimdal".
Membership cost is still only $40 (single) or $60 (family).
You can use the online payment portal HERE, or make a direct deposit to our account at Suncorp.