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Cafe Danmark at Heimdal

Membership Information

Currently the membership year goes from June to July and at the moment you can see your membership details at the beginning of the club e-news. We are working behind the scenes on a new website including a new membership system so please keep an eye out for changes to come in the future...

Member Benefits:

- First access to events etc. (members first due to limited spaces etc.).
- You can buy imported Danish alcohol
- You can book the club for special events.
- Participation in the Play and Family Days

Thinking of becoming a member?

"The Danish Club is a members club for members run by members" If you would like to know more about what we do, of course you are welcome to visit and see what it's all about. Give it a few times as we do welcome guests (please write yourself in the guest book upon arrival). If you continue to use our services, we would like you to become a member and support the club in solidarity with all the Danes Down Under to contribute to the community.

Renew your 21-22 MEMBERSHIP - you can pay here online

The member version of our Newsletter has a reminder for those who need to to renew.
If you are NOT receiving our emails please make contact!

You can use the online form at anytime on this site for card payment or make a netbank deposit to our account.

We do understand that many of our younger member families are very busy and find it hard to commit to volunteer in the club, your membership payment is a pad on the back and a nice acknowledgement, of the members of the teams working to make the club life real and enjoyable for all.

The annual membership payment for the Danish Association "Heimdal".
Membership cost is still only $40 (single) or $60 (family).
You can use the online payment portal HERE, or make a direct deposit to our account at Suncorp.